I’m Back!

It’s been a hard few years, but I’m back making music.  At one point I ended up in a psychiatric hospital being treated for depression and anxiety, but I might write more on that another time.

I’ve been working hard at my day job as a software developer, and I really enjoy it, but I’m ready to give this music thing another go. I might work computer literacy into my world tour, as it’s something I’m passionate about and I feel I can give back to the world in a meaningful way besides music. It’s all a bit up in the air for now though. All I know is that I’m going to travel the world making music and collaborating with musicians of all genres and all walks of life. I’m planning this for 5 years time so that I know for sure that I can make it a reality. If I can do it sooner, that would be a bonus.

For now, thank you. Thank you for reading this, for listening to my music, and for just being you.


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