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I’ve been pretty quiet on the Quietly Concerned front, and I realised why:

I’ve been scared.

I’ve been scared of compromising my ideals and entering an industry that I don’t fully agree with. Recently though, I’ve discovered a multitude of ways that I can present my music with no compromise on my ideals:

Freedom of Information

I firmly believe in freedom of information. I use a lot of open source software and that has greatly shaped my views on music. I believe that music should be shared, enjoyed, learned from, and contributed to. For this reason, I’m releasing my music under a Creative Commons license. The license that I have chosen means that people may download the music and share it for free, provided that they don’t modify it, or use it for commercial purposes. I’ve found a great site to release my music on this format: It’s called Jamendo, and you should check it out! There is some great music there!

Freedom of Economic Choice

I’m not sure if that’s the right header for this paragraph, but I believe that people should have greater choice over how they spend their money. For this reason, I’m allowing people to pay for my music, only if they want to! I’ll probably release on cdbaby as a platform for people to pay for my music.

Distribution of Wealth (Charity)

I could really use some cash, but there are others who could use it much more than I could. For this reason, I’m pledging 50% of my net profit to charity. These charities will be animal and human related. The two that I’m looking at right now are: FreeMe and War Child.

Dynamic Communication

I believe that an artist needs to communicate with people to better the art. For this reason, I’m going to be redesigning my website to allow for more user communication so that I can become a better musician by listening to what people have to say, particularly about the topics that I write about. I’m also going to introduce a VRP area…

A Big Thank You With A VRP (Very Rad Person) Area

I want to reward the people who choose to buy my music. I want to do this by providing an area on my site exclusively for them. There will be special content, the latest information, and more personal communication. More details on this soon!

Oh Yes, One More Thing…

I’m about to release my debut EP! Great things are happening…

I believe that art is an exploration of human nature, and a valuable service. I’m very excited about making a greater contribution to the art world, and I’m looking forward to serving you as an artist.

Quietly Concerned


  • Ariel

    all this good work must be making you flippen hungry! Please come for a soup next time you are in the hood.

    • Quietly Concerned

      Very hungry! Working like crazy at the moment, but will make a mission soon!